Aladdin lamp dating, dating bialaddin lanterns

The model A and model B glass lamps described in this site are of lamps I own or have owned. Prepare the mating surfaces by removing all traces of old plaster and clean them thoroughly. There are many sources in print and on the internet regarding the care and conservation of metal artifacts - take your time and do some research. Finally, tape the collar in place and let it dry thoroughly.

Once dried, you're ready for business! This is a valuable reference book written as a labor of love by Dr. Keep the wick clean and trimmed to produce a nice, even flame.

These dents are often crisp and clean and while they can be distracting, white collar dating blue collar are often less obvious than a poorly restored piece. Start with a clean cut with trimmed corners. Glass lamps produced through used the model B burner. But just where did this story originate from?

Aladdin Magical Mantle Lamps

Make sure that chimneys that are oval-shaped in cross-section are aligned properly in relation to the flame. Font-to-Base Joints The easiest first test to catch new glass lamps is to simply expose them to black light. Yes, Diyab told several stories! Manufactured from through the present day Dates for American lamps are for North American price list. If you are serious about restoring the lamp yourself, dating online I recommend that you practice and experiment on some scrap items before you tackle your lamp.

Dating Bialaddin Lanterns

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Illustrated lexicon of Aladdin lamp terms Learn what all those lamp terms mean. The first year glass lamps Venetian, and early Colonial lamps used a Model A burner. Autographed to you by the Author. The hardware joining the base and font looks complicated but it is just another form of a glued joint. You will also find many brass-plated lamp components.

Classic Pressure Lamps & Heaters

Novice dent removal often leaves the item in a worse aesthetic condition - the area having a stippled or dimpled effect, rather than the smooth appearance that had been the intent. Lahde to share his extensive knowledge and experience in the development of kerosene lamps, lanterns, heaters and stoves. Much of America was rural and without electricity at the turn of the century.

Your email address will not be published. Don't be afraid to ask that the item be cleaned before you buy it. My intention is to supplement his work by adding newer glass lamps and limited edition glass lamps. Aladdin was and is still the most successful brand of non-pressurized kerosene mantle lamp.

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If you have any questions or suggestions for future tips, please email us. When you initially light the lamp, keep the flame low. The first were made of metal, either brass or nickel plated brass.

Antique and Vintage Aladdin Lamps

The story has way more mystery than I expected. Dirty chimneys can cause uneven heating that could cause the chimney to crack, or even shatter. Simply invert the lamp in a container of warm water and wait.

Kerosene Glass Lamps - Separating New from Old

Please be sure that your reply to address is set up correctly in your email program, especially if you are sending email from another computer such as at work! If you want to preserve the appearance, 30s you may wax or lacquer the item to prevent it from tarnishing for years to come. This could have been done to add strength or just to save on manufacturing costs.

The Origins of Aladdin

Professor Sabir Badal Khan relates his several encounters with oral storytellers dwelling in rural Pakistan who re-accounted Aladdin to him, each with their own unique twists and additions. As radio grew so did Aladdin's coverage until it covered the nation. Courter previously authored books about Aladdin Lamps and Angle Lamps.

The Origins of Aladdin Fairy Tale Central

For more information on becoming a Knights, refer to the Knights Page. This is a self published book sold directly by the author and does a very good job of covering the inception and comparative evolution of the mantle burner, most of which took place in Europe. Tiffany student lamp with factory patina.

Antique and Vintage Aladdin Lamps

The Aladdin story was first published in an Arabian Nights fairytale set. Packing plaster around the peg held the old font in the old metal connector. Since I have started this site others have helped out by sending me jpeg pictures of lamps I do not have for use in this site.

ALADDIN OIL Hanging Lamps

Old metal connections, right, are packed in plaster on glass pegs. Unscrupulous dealers occasionally hide the condition by lightly oiling the surface of the glass. Information about early electric lighting, Aladdin glass, and more. Original nuts are square, new are hexagonal.

Lots of old lamps have been painted over at some point in their long life. Others could be solid brass. Tighten the screw just tightly enough to secure the chimney in place without over-tightening. The manual will be most useful in combination with the book Aladdin Electric Lamps above pages. Many of the new lamps are being produced in colors and color combinations not originally made.

  • That is to say thay contain no iron and a magnet will not stick to them.
  • What the hardware is made of isn't as important as how it's fastened to the glass.
  • Of course restored and repaired old lamps may have new hardware.
  • So far we have not been able to find an old example.

Most early collars were affixed with plaster-of-paris or similar compound. Excess plaster will likely ooze out which you can wipe away with a damp cloth. If you need more information about different model A or B glass lamps I strongly suggest that you purchase a copy of Bill's excellent book. Position the collar carefully so that it is both centered and level. Another clue to age is the metal hardware.

Detail information not in other books. He went on an expedition after meeting Lucas, a believer in the powers of alchemy the magician anyone? In the end, the decision to buy a lamp might be made without regard to the trimmings - it all depends upon the tastes and collecting habits of the collector.

Aladdin Electric Lamps by J.W. Courter - Imperial Lighting Co
  1. Dissolve the glue and the lamp comes apart.
  2. Some of the frames are merely painted steel or cast iron and a quick check with your magnet will identify this.
  3. New finger lamp in Petal and Rib pattern, right.
  4. The tome of Aladdin Lamp Information does not end here.

Funny how famous Ali Baba and Aladdin both became. These are the best I can find and afford. David Lesurf Antiques and Art. After an encounter with a Frenchman, Paul Lucas, on a royal quest to find ancient treasures, Diyab was enticed. If you are unsure if a finish is an intended result of the manufacturing process or just the natural darkening and mellowing of the finish over time, consult an expert in the field.

Dating Bialaddin Lanterns

You might collect lamps for the hunt and display of the lamps or you might use them to better understand the evolution of kerosene lighting and lamp manufacturing technology. They used up materials on hand creating factory hybrid and transition lamps. Removing this would have a dire impact on the value of the lamp! Dating and development of early lamps and burners. Under black light, some glue showed green-yellow but most was blue-white.

Another clue to new metal hardware is wide or empty spaces between the metal and the glass. Apply a liberal amount of plaster to the inside of the collar, or to the neck of the lamp, or both. Routine burner and wick maintenance is important if you intend to use your lamp. Check plated items carefully for excessive wear.

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  • Aladdin lamp dating, dating bialaddin lanterns
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