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You have nothing against him right? Do you feel romantically attracted to beautiful black men? But no my asnwer is no you are not. Is it racist that I am not attracted to black men?

  1. Just ignore whoever says it.
  2. Because the same people who call me racist don't make an issue out of it when a girl likes only black men, now am I the bad girl for liking only white men?
  3. It's just a matter of looks, I don't find them attractive for me.
  4. Why is henna seen as cultural appropriation?
  5. It's confusing, some people respect me and everything's fine.

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  • Show them your not racist by staying friends with that guy, and talk to them.
  • No, you're not racist for not being attracted to black men.
  • Even I been told that I was racist towards my own kind because I'm not into black guys.
  • How do I know when it's over?

Am i racist for not dating black guys

Am i racist for not dating African American guys

Why do some whites look part Asian? Your not racist, because obviously you have a black friend. That is a choice that I hope we are still allowed to make for ourselves. As a girl, christian chinese should I be driving an hour for a first date?

People would be more accepting of your preferences if there was a bit of reasoning behind them. Everybody can have their racial preferences. It's all in the way you worded it to your friend. Related Questions Just cause I only date black guys im racist?

Because that is a ridiculous statement. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. But it seems not enough for judgmental nitpickers, my big curiosity is why is it a big deal for you people? As a black women i don't care if non black don't find black people attractive quite frankly some people just love making issue out of anything. It is just a matter of preference.

And why are you using the n word if you consider all Black males ugly? Dude you are trying to give a solution to a question that was never asked, I don't think there's something wrong with my preferences and that I should overthink about it to change my tastes for men. And also can you explain whats so nasty Black men?

Its okay you are not black no one care. That isn't really hard to understand! But some will definitely tell you otherwise. No one would call you racist If you were black, Asian or a Latina girl attracted to your own race.

Hey that conversation is between me and her, so don't go fuck yourself you White racist redneck piece of shit? Who are you that makes this so important. As a matter of fact why should we give a shit.

Do you think that it's cultural appropriation? It makes you feeling better? Rick-Lewis i never used the word discusting.

Well, you posted here asking people to share their opinions on your opinions, which is pretty much an invitation to judge. You're entitled to find attraction where you want and not have to justify it to anyone. It's not racist unless you claim that you're superior to them.

Making a generalization about millions of people is extreme. You keep being judgmental, why do you think you can lecture others on who they should like ir not? He might have well been disabled or mentally challenged, thats still racist. So no you aren't your just not into him.

You just don't realize that i'm not the problem, the problem is the judgmental attitude of others. You are not a racist because you don't want to date a certain race. Yes, and I've already reported it to the racial police. If someone thinks the races are equal but still makes assumptions based on stereotypes, that person is racist. Have fun in the penitentiary, youtube halo 4 matchmaking fucker.

No, it's fine, dating flight attendant advice you have you're preferances and that's okay. Let me guess your probably born and raised south right? You don't hate black people i don't think. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Am i racist for not dating African American guys

Nothing wrong with preferring people from your iwn race. There's a difference between hating someone and not finding them attractive. Sort Girls First Guys First. It shouldn't happen because it's none of their business.

If You Won t Date People Of A Certain Race You re Racist - Role Reboot

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You said you dont date black guys though becuase you dont like them like that was racist. Some black guys i've known don't like white girls thier not racist they just like the black booty. No it's not racist - I'm not attracted to black men either. Am i racist for not dating black guys? Everyone is entitled to have their own preferences when dating, and nobody should have to force you to date someone you are not attracted to.

I m Not Racist I m Just Not Attracted To Black Men

It could make you prejudice. Is there something in particular about black men that you are not attracted to? And I think your referring to African American Males in general? Should I care about what I think? Whats the difference between taking a break and breaking up?

Am i racist for not dating black guys

Is it racist that I am not attracted to black men

Rick-Lewis nothing to get mad about chill nigguh. You may not like my response however. You don't hate him cause he's black right? People will just make a big deal out of anything. You answered your own question.

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Preferences are not reasonable, we like what we like, it's you people the ones making an issue out of it because you mix dating preferences with politics. If I liked black guys to the exclusion of everyone else would you keep judging me? No everyones got there taste. Preferances aren't racism. As I said before, some people make a big deal of it.

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  • Am i racist for not dating black guys, more from thought catalog
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