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You get ready for a role, you show up, do what you've got to do, and you don't have to worry about cleaning your clothes. Also, be honest, truthfully be honest about who you are, and listen to that person. You get free gifts, you get to travel in first class.

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Some of the factors and pressures from the hollywood and movie lifestyle that drive the higher divorce rate among celebrities and why it's easiest for them to date others in their community. You'd meet them in one of these parties, and maybe you switch numbers relatively discretely or not, and then you'd start texting and stuff and then set up a dinner date or whatever.

Now, you've obviously been a celebrity for quite a while now. They don't want to deal with the hassle. But there's always a reason for everything and that wasn't for me.

That should be a lot of fun, and that will take me through pretty much the end of the year. Enjoy your time over there. Would you say that's the rule?

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Feel anxious about approaching women? It's not necessarily about you all the time. The divorce rate is pretty high, probably the highest it's ever been nowadays, and Hollywood, forget about it. My life was private to me, and the person that I was dating.

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It's how hard do you want to work for it? There's also a small amount of people, like myself and Mark, who are married and strongly believe that marriage is a unity. Like anything, if you were working as the captain of a ship and you were gone for such a long time, you want to make sure to invite that person over and make her part of the environment you live in. Look at Mark, for example.

You never know where it might take you. My wife comes in and visits me on the set, and I make her part of the environment, so she can meet who I'm working with and vice versa. For me, I guess it was just real and not talk about the business. His commitment has now finished and he has moved on to other things.

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This week we have an A-list celebrity in his own right on the show, Antonio Sabato Jr. Of course there are people that are not in the limelight who are dating celebrities and stuff like that. Do a lot of people in Hollywood make a lot of efforts to keep their dating lives discrete, or does it vary, and how difficult is it? Lots of interesting insights and some good advice on having a healthy dating lifestyle in this interview. Who would you say are the men dating the most women today in Hollywood?

That's when you start talking about the most important things, and what matters in life. But then those relationships don't really last that long. You've got to make sure that you have a strong bond with your loved ones, because otherwise you're going to step in the wrong pot hole.

What enabled Antonio Sabato to meet and date some of the hottest and highest status women in the world. Antonio's opinion on the most successful men dating in Hollywood today like George Clooney. Give some love to Antonio on Twitter to thank him for the advice in this interview. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, interactive psychology experiments online dating Antonio gave some juicy tidbits about the show. How celebrities typically meet each other and where Antonio would mostly meet women for the first time that he would later date.

What do you think is special about him, or why is he so successful? It made it more interesting. It's harder to just easily meet them and take it forward. But other people look at it and say no, because they're looking for people of the same status, and they want someone that's their equal.

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You're married now, correct? One, you don't get to know somebody too well and you find out that they're not the one, and two is, yes, I don't see them. Do you live your life as a celebrity or do you life your life as a human being?