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The test results will always be provided to your doctor who will be able to explain and discuss your results with you. The blood is drawn by a health care provider.

The blood draw will take place either at an independent medical laboratory or clinic. For over a decade, the company has focused on the application of functional genomics to enable early diagnosis and personalized health management based on disease-specific biomarkers.

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Interpretation of the status of these seven biomarkers allows your doctor to give you clinically-based advice about your current risk of having colorectal cancer. This routine blood draw is just like other blood tests. These occur when the two root expressions reflect similar thoughts. The test measures the expression of seven genes in whole blood which serve as biomarkers to detect colorectal cancer. Colonoscopy is used to diagnose colorectal cancer.

It must be repeated at regular intervals for maximum effectiveness because your current risk result has no bearing on your future risk of developing colorectal cancer. The test may be covered by your medical benefits provider, either your employer or through your insurance plan. This must be done with a colonoscopy. Does this test require fasting? Anyone who should be complying with a regular colorectal cancer screening program.

Will the test tell me if I have colon cancer? To guarantee results of the highest possible standards, GeneNews currently accepts only a few participating laboratories. You simply go to a participating laboratory to get your blood sample drawn. The test is of great benefit to those who are averse to front-line screening methods such as colonoscopy and fecal-based screening tests.

How long will I have to wait for the results? Can I go to any lab to have a blood draw? It is also not necessary to alter your medications or your diet prior to the test. ColonSentry assesses your current risk of having colorectal cancer.

What will the test tell me? There is no bowel preparation required for ColonSentry. As with all screening tests, ColonSentry is not a one-time test.

Where can I go to get this test? Do I need a bowel preparation for this test?

ColonSentry tells you about your risk of colorectal cancer at a given point in time. What is the science behind ColonSentry? ColonSentry can be ordered as a stand-alone test or with other tests as part of a comprehensive physical examination. In the early s, the popular American actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were dating, and the tabloid press referred to them playfully as a third entity, dating site hockey players Bennifer.

GeneNews is actively working with private payers to secure additional coverage for ColonSentry. ColonSentry is currently available only in Ontario.

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