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Browning Hi-Power / FN GP35 Single-Action Semi-Automatic Pistol - Belgium
  • If I'm not mistaken they were the first producers of the High Power.
  • That's the Millet after market Hi Power sight.
  • That does not mean that Browning imported every one.
  • It both dependable and accurate.

Magazines were inserted into the base of the grip in a conventional way with the cartridge ejection port seated along the right side of the body. The sides of the slide contained the requisite finger grooves for managing the assembly during cocking. Nazi markings on frame slide etc orig mag too.

Welcome to the mysteries of vintage Hi Power ownership! The Browning Hi-Power was produced through several variations that featured different trigger systems, fixed or adjustable sights and even an optional fixed wooden holster stock to improve aim. Trigger, I have to revise my previous info on your adjustable sighted Hi Power.

Nazi marked Belgian Browning Hi-Power

Hi-powers--handguns Hi Power Dates of Manufacture

Any and all info is greatly appreciated. Posting up on here, I will say that I prefer a collectible piece. The first several thousand pistols were made up from captured parts and had a high polish finish, dating nha trang a shoulder stock slot cut into the rear grip strap and tangent rear sight.

It is also in great condition. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to ask another question about my other Hi-Power, this time, a Browning. Third variation pistols were manufactured towards the end of the war, they have serial numbers over or serial numbers with letter suffix. Forum Home Page - Archive - Top. His pistol has a WaA waffenamt in it, which indicates it was produced in Belgium between and and inspected by the Wehrmacht inspectors in Luttich, Belgium.

High Power from FN - Serial Number Lookup - Forum

Underneath, inside the slide there's probably a double tenon holding it on, although many gunsmiths used silver solder. Wooden war production grips. The trigger was held within an oblong ring and connected to the angled pistol grip lined with a grip pattern along both sides.

When Hi Powers came back to the commercial market is really not exactly known. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Regardless, the history lessons I'm getting here are very much appreciated.

No, that doesn't change anything. Such emails will be ignored. Hi Everyone, I am back, matchmaking server picker how to but now with detailed photos. Some folks also like the Canadian Inglis Hi-Powers. The only difference is the markings.

Browning Hi Power Desirable Models. It has been my experience that a well maintained browning will appriciate in value. So, for example, if Browning received pistols that year, they most likely have arrived in separate groups at different times. My friend Jason owns one of these war-production Hi-Powers. The Nazi Hi-powers might be collectible, but they are rumored to have been poorly made.

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Nazi marked Belgian Browning Hi-Power
Browning Hi Power Dates of Manufacture

Post Browning Dating System

The usual array of proof marks but nothing German military or any military for that matter. Remember all of the contracts. It will no doubt end up as a range gun.

Date Your Firearm

The presence or absence of these markings along with the physical features of the pistol will hopefully pinpoint a date. For a good answer you'll have to take up-close and detailed photos of the pistol and all of its marking - including those inside of the slide and frame. The reason for this is that these markings had meaning and they changed at known time periods.

  1. What is the serial number on the Millett Hi Power?
  2. It also came with his original holster.
  3. All Hi Powers, except for most made under German control, had commercial markings even if they went to the military.
  4. The only difference is the roll mark.
  5. Made and assembled in Belgium.
  6. Fantastic info we have here.

Find More Posts by Amin Parker. Anybody care to give me a price range for one of these fixed sights, no slot cut? This included Belgium - the home of Fabrique Nationale and its factories.

Your pistol is the third variation, these were stamped with eagle over WaA, had fixed meter sights, wood or brown plastic grips and dull military-blue finish over rough machine marks. The others, only time will tell. Find all posts by watch collector. The serial number would make it a production. For the British, the type proved useful as a paratrooper and special operative sidearm for its high-capacity magazine and proven an-stopping capabilities over that of their standard issue revolvers.

Company is out of business, but you can still find them from time to time. Jason was kind enough to let me photograph this interesting pistol. Can I ask you about one I have.

Looks chrome plated and has serial number with something like an L in script after. WaA waffenamt and swastika eagles visible on both slide and frame This pistol has a matching serial number in the barrel, frame and slide. There are none of the Belgium military marks on this particular handgun. The pistol managed an existence in this fashion in some number until the end of the war.

Great information in this forum. It is in very nice condition. Would like to know the value. Find More Posts by jaughtman. If you are interested in buying my email is mikelimallonee gmail.

Trying to figure out if it's a ish era Hi-Power or a post war-pre Browning? Local production was taken up in Canadian factories and dispersed to awaiting forces within time. Does such a website exist? What kind of sights are these? Just really curious about the year of manufacture.

The Z prefix may have something to do with the upgrade, or not. If so, fax tad hookup can somebody point me please? It appears to be one of the Israeli surplus guns sice it has import markings on it.

Modern Handguns - Browning - Page 1 - Collectors Firearms

Are you collecting the Browning or shooting it? So your Milletts are an after market modification. Too time consuming to do one and then switch the tooling. Find More Posts by scottl. Who wants to start a gun fund for me?

Dating a FN Browning Hi Power with multiple markings

But it has no walnut grip, but a black Bakelite Synthetik grip. Early production forms included a version that fitted a tangent rear site while later production models were witnessed chambered for. The hammer was clearly visible at the rear of the weapon above the tang. This pistol holds great value to me and I would never part with such a memorabilia. Somewhere it its life somebody added a newer, epoch dating site external extractor slide.

The serial numbers on the slide and frame match. It might be some sort of inventory code. Will do some search and also post some pics soon. For comparison, the German issued P.

Hi Power Pistol

Older Browning Rifles

Dating a FN Hi-Power pre-war or post war

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