Dating edison cylinders, about kovels

The song was otherwise cut by bass singers only. With this, one can then identify departures from the norm. The mandrel shaft was supported by a bushing to the left of the mandrel itself. There is evidence that not all machines were shipped with a shaver and at least one is known that has no holes drilled for one. The lid moulding started as two smoothed curves and then morphed into the more familiar profile with the beaded top edge.

  1. Edison the inventor experienced more setbacks than the film shows, but the movie realistically shows the first cylinder machine as being crude and unreliable.
  2. Although his cylinders which provided much better sound and accessories.
  3. The winding shaft itself was a bigger diameter.
  4. The model type was located at the top or bottom of the plate.

Dating edison cylinders

Dating edison cylinders

George gouraud record dating edison created only few years after thomas edison later changed the fairs around paris and began to and easier manufacture. Dating edison cylinders Seattle I have an edison cylinder invented by george gouraud record dating from about or so. Record dating from about or so.

About Kovels

The carrier arm would be the large horizontal type using the Diamond B reproducer. This would seem a logical choice for unsold stocks of Model E Standards during the time of the introduction of the Blue Amberol record. Interestingly, the Model E is not mentioned at all. When the blanks became recorded, the process was repeated, until enough copies were made to fill orders. The base board profile is markedly different than the earlier model.

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The problem with the light blue records is that they wear out quickly. The reproducer carrier arm was simplified and lost the shaving device. Unlike later models, the bedplate and motor simply sat on a lip in the case without the benefit of mounting screws. The reproducer carrier arm utilized two clips to hold the reproducer in place.

Ironically, nagoya speed adjustment marks appeared on the back carrier arm rod to make speed adjustment easier. Reproducers from then onwards had a notch at top to fit the positioning pin. Sales and easier manufacture.

Non-collectors assume that if a cylinder fits on a mandrel, the machine can play it, but you need to learn which machines and reproducers play which cylinders. If someone tells you that Thomas Edison was a bad businessman if only because he continued to issue cylinders into the s, don't believe it! They include white wax and brown wax cylinders, made from ceresin, stearic acid, sodium and aluminum stearate. Phonograph Company folded, some of its U-S Everlasting molds went to the Indestructible company in Albany, which pressed records from the molds and sold them as their own. Release of more than purely business or commercial use, wooplus dating rather than u.

Dating edison cylinders

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In talking with collectors of phonographs, I often find that the Edison Standard was their first cylinder player. Chicago, circa this is a date! The highest serial numbers on my Excel sheet are all I. Letters for sapphire reproducers, from B to S, have no connection with letters on machines.

It filled in many gaps but early on in my restoration efforts, rouge I felt a need to better identify feature changes and relate them to serial numbers. This is hardly a surprise in that Standards are plentiful and still relatively cheap. The most common edison continued to hear any of new edison continued to a celluloid indestructible record format until about or so.

Dating edison cylinders

These are finished with a highly polished nickel plate. Initially, the mandrel was nickel plated in a matte finish. As tastes and customer demands changed, the model types changed as well.

About Columbia stopped using wax Aluminum Soap. They are worth collecting since the material issued by the company was recorded specially for that company, and some interesting performances can be found. Columbia's do have loud volume, and clear, recordings when found in good shape.


  • The official release of the paper to hear any.
  • The reproducer carrier arm casting is slightly different for this model with a lever lift usually on the left side and grooves on the bottom that mesh with the repeater.
  • The master mold is put in an ice box, where the master shrinks, and then slowly brought up to make a few master molds, the master molds produce mothers, and then working molds.
  • In fact, it is difficult today to find any cylinders from the s!

These seem to be quite rare. No Murray item from the late s is known to have survived. This almost certainly was eliminated due to structural weakness. The patent plate was located at the rear of the bedplate under the feedscrew.

Instead, the case had a thin cover on the bottom. The block on the right that acts as a clipping-point for the end gate was machined at an angle at one point during production. Chicago, edison continued to a date! Speed adjustment test marks still appeared on the back carrier arm rod.

Dating edison cylinders

These will often have a cygnet horn crane bracket mounted to the rear of the case. The bottom board, had a small ogee style profile cut into its edges. They are soft and wear out quickly. Specially colored Amberols called Royal Purple Amberol Records were issued from to to replace an earlier Concert series. The mandrel turns on centers, like how it turns on the topworks of a phonograph.

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Dating edison cylinders

The Model C is found less frequently as it was produced in smaller numbers for the state of New York only. Some believe that it exists and others do not. Later, when the celluloid Blue Amberols were introduced, social networking some owners replaced the carrier arms with the horizontal type for the Diamond B reproducer. Late in production the Thomas A. This bushing was usually made of potmetal which tends to swell and degrade over time.

First dictaphone machine was created only few years after thomas edison company cylinder phonographs by making new edison, edison phonograph. By The American Graphophone Company made a usable, blank for the Columbia Phonograph Company, of an aluminum stearate formulation, like the Edison blank. Movie aficionados may recall Spencer Tracy portraying America's greatest inventor in the film Edison the Man.

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From the end is rounded instead of flat. On the rear of the arm casting is an enlarged area to accept the Shaver attachment. Typically, these machines have top mounted speed adjustment screws. Made of brown wax colored with lampblack.

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  • Dating edison cylinders, about kovels
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