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After returning to the surface, Fethry decides to become an actual scientist and leaves with Mitzi while the boys meet up with Launchpad, who spent time with an old flame, Oceanika Jennifer Hale. Before leaving, Gandra gives Fenton the equation he needed to stabilize said ping-pong ball. After seeing a scary movie, Huey, Webby, and Lena explore an abandoned subway line in search of legendary creatures, the Terra-firmians, and end up trapped with Mrs. In the end, using his brains, Fenton manages to outsmart the leader allowing him to recover the suit and save Scrooge and Launchpad as well as recover the Money Bin. They all soon discover that the town's friendly locals are all part of a giant carnivorous plant.

After the Beagles get GizmoDuck to steal Scrooge's fortune for them and land Scrooge in jail, the nephews work to save the day and manage to get hold of the remote control. After the incident with Armstrong, Gyro builds giant human-operated robots for Flintheart Glomgold, only to have them be stolen and operated by Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys.

Scrooge seeks to find out why his ships are disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle. However, Dewey struggles to cope with the possibility that his mother may not have been a good person. Beck Bennett Launchpad McQuack. Duckworth coaches the Junior Woodchucks in a baseball game.

Because of his strained relationship with his father however, Scrooge sets out to find it himself. The nephews makes business decisions in Scrooge's name while Scrooge is in the hospital.

While much of the first season centered around world travelling and far-reaching adventures, the later episodes were based mainly in the town of Duckburg. Fenton's mother suffers a bad shock when trying to get better television reception. Working together, they find an image of The Spear of Selene. Gyro builds a giant robot to help guard the Money Bin, but it goes out of control, cutting Scrooge off from the Money Bin.

The Nephews, Webby, and Doofus attempt to earn a Junior Woodchuck badge in sailing while a sea monster is preying on Scrooge's shipping fleet. Dewey, feeling ignored, sneaks into the pirate ship to get his alpaca wool hat back.

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For the original series, see DuckTales. Although Donald Duck was a major player in the Uncle Scrooge comics, yahoo messenger hack software he appeared as a guest star in a few DuckTales episodes. Watch Full Episodes of Ducktales.

Tired from the constant adventuring, Louie attempts to avoid another one by proposing a family game night, causing Scrooge's competitive nature to kick in. Loosely based on the Carl Barks story of the same name. Magica De Spell and the Minotaur. When Scrooge develops an unnatural ailment, Fenton takes him to a place where money is not used. Ma Beagle tries to get the genie to grant her every wish, but D'jinn reveals that there is no genie.

So she forces Lena to make Webby take her to the bin to get it. However, the robot decides it would rather work for itself.

As a result, Donald is scheduled to be court-martialed unless Scrooge and the boys can clear his name. El Capitan and Flintheart Glomgold. After witnessing his laziness, Scrooge takes Louie to his Money Bin to show him the value of a hard day's work. Magica sends Scrooge into the future, where she has stolen his Number One Dime and taken over his company.

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Jymn Magon and Bruce Talkington. Flintheart Glomgold and the Beagle Boys.

Scrooge makes a bet with Glomgold that he can make money off a blimp called the Hindentanic. Beakley takes Webby with her on an extended vacation, leaving Scrooge in solitude.

Meanwhile, Webby tries to get Dewey and Louie to fully experience the festival, but they just want to take pictures. It contains the episodes The Beagle Birthday Massacre!

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So far, their predictions all point to Launchpad McQuack. When going to Duck Ridge for an American Civil War reenactment, Launchpad encounters aged Union veterans who once served under his ancestor, who had lost a battle. It turns out that he wanted it for his birthday because it belonged to his ancestor, who instead of having the genie grant her wishes, befriended and fell in love with him. Scrooge, who arrives to take Dewey back, then makes up with Past and they all go back to the present to spend Christmas with the others.

However due to limited number of copies, they quickly went out of stock. She attempts to expose Magica to Scrooge, but Magica possesses her body and swears to seek the dime herself. Select the sources you want displayed in the episode guide.

Solving Mysteries and Rewriting History! Scrooge's nephews are trying to figure out just who Gizmoduck's secret identity is. The initial premise for the series stems from the boys being left by their uncle Donald Duck with his great uncle Scrooge when the former goes off to join the Navy. While at a town called Gumption, he runs into Goldie and the two race for gold.

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Louie wants to start his own company, but can't decide on what kind. The Ghost of Ponce De Loon.

Ten years later, still looking for gold, Della meets two aliens, Moonlanders named Gen. Meanwhile on the Moon, Della gives everyone her best wishes as she continues to fix her spaceship. They manage to capture it, after which it's revealed to be Past. During their quest in Atlantis, Dewey argues with Scrooge about not wanting them around, but ultimately they reconcile.


Scrooge is framed for stealing a painting from Glomgold's art gallery and sent to Aquatraz. Scrooge becomes a victim of a potion that causes him to be obsessive with giving money away. After being fired by Scrooge, Launchpad is tricked by the Beagle Boys into performing a series of bank robberies disguised as movie scenes.