Dvd Shrink Vista


But this version and the previous verisons have never let me down. Best of all is all this software was free thru the internet.

Copies most movies well and quickly. Do I need a dvd burner to burn dvds? This software is the shiznit!

Installing something on your computer is the lowest thing that a company can do. Latest News Software Updates. ChelOis Send private message to this user. If you're in the United States.

This software is just wonderful. Colemanvt Send private message to this user.

Top software, i have been using it for years, and it has only let me down once with the DaVinci Code. This Afterdawn Forum, I have learned pretty much everything that I needed to know to get started. The application allows you to copy. It used to work with Nero.

Once you learn how to use them and understand how they work, you will really love it! Programs like this are not being updated or supported by there creators for legal reasons. JoshB Send private message to this user. However on a couple movies, it doesnt work.

Dvd shrink vista

Is this something new or is there a program I could try. This is by far the most stable and reliable copy program I've ever used.

Make sure you know where it is saved to. Very basic to use, reliable performance and well set out. It is probably time for an update of the software.

Absolutely the best software for compressing dvd's. Simple and reliable, I believe it even supports dual layer now. Is there any update or other programs that will work just as well? TauLurin Send private message to this user.

DVD Shrink - Download free

There doesnt appear to be any scratches on the discs. Gets better all the time, and well, how cany you beat the price?

Only issues I have with it on Vista is when it tries to play the movie after it completes the task. The best and easiest dvd copying software. The key word is free, what more can i say, this program has worked better than any program I've used, and payed money for. In all honesty, how can you not love this. If you use Microsoft windows Media Player to view your ripped movies then you will get unpredictable playback.

The older dvds seem to copy great. The best burning software I ever tested or used this is the best.

Dvd shrink vista

Even if that means copying a dual-layer disc to two single-layer blanks. So I tried to think what could cause this. Send private message to this user. Baboy Send private message to this user.

It is darn stable and fast. Is there any way to do so? Have tried other software, and this is the best by far.

Dvd shrink vista

Shrink is better than many commercial programs. Like voice sink, animated fireplace screensaver some programs lose the voice sink when you shrink them. Dvd shrink fired up and hasn't screwed up once. Has anybody tried shrink on Windows Vista? Cant understand why it doesnt work for some people on vista as mine works fine?

This is the most user friendly burner, not to mention, utilizes your burner's top speed, and it's free! Get this while you still can! Running Shrink with Anydvd gives you the world for movie dubbing. It is the weirdest thing i have ever seen in my life. If you download the proper version of Shrink I promise that it will do everything that I just said it would.


If there is anything better, I would really like to see it! Probably the single most useful and definitely the best piece of software I use. Is to run a decryption program first. The best free download tool anyone could have. Otherwise, the program continues to be fully functional and can be installed on all Windows versions.

Just perfect for the novice. Fantastic software and so easy to use. It did the job and I was able to get the movies.

Allows you to make compilations and much more. Great concept but extremley slow. Edsup Send private message to this user.

Canfield says it isn't cluttered by simpleton menus and restricted options. The software also beets software which cost you to buy.