Emma nyra and iyanya dating, follow the celeb frenzy

Iyanya Assaulted Yvonne Nelson Ubi Franklin Reveals

Have you spoken to Temple? But God just finally said we should get talking. They think it is a gift until the label starts extracting payments until paid in full. Chibbz, tokyo dating cafe how much did we make from him? So she confirm another person own and she dry deny her own God!

What I did after I witnessed Ubi Franklin assault Emma Nyra - Iyanya

What I did after I witnessed Ubi Franklin assault Emma Nyra Iyanya

Unfortunately no body cares about a failed entrepreneur and a dead beat, wack, arrogant. Nigerian entrepreneurs won't reach the top because of illiteracy. Beginning to dislike this guy, markham dating sites actually sounds like a violent person. Why can't these people behave like matured men?

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Don't worry he will expose your dark secrets too. Iyanya says he was a partner and he was investing so why are they not blaming that on Iyanya? Every time issues happen he says that I am the one not making them, Tekno, to respect him.

Do you understand where this thing is going? This shit is getting real. Miss Nyra, see ur belly in the last pic. So why are they not fighting you? She has a lot to lose if she says peem.

Iyanya And Emma Nyra Dating Publicly - Celebrities - Nigeria
  1. Who asked her about nma's own.
  2. Go to YouTube and watch a video on why artists go broke.
  3. No matter how hurt you are, keep it classy and never get personal.
Checkout Details Of Emma Nyra s Career Personal Life And Scandals

Emma Nyra Denies Dating Iyanya Ubi Franklin

Anyway, I never expected you to admit it sha. Don't blame the player, blame the game. If it didnt work, split and respect each other.

But if you say it to an employee you are dating, they tend to misbehave. If I am dating one person, hookup lures weedless bucktails I am all about that person. It always comes to no good.

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Advertisement - Mobile In-Article. You suddenly started acted like a ghetto girl. See the way they are washing their dirty linen outside.

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You for use Ayelala swear now if you get liver. Sex on business premises will bring down the business eventually. Date a woman beater u scum annoying punk.

Instead of her to face her own story, she is gisting us about Chidinma. He needs to get help because I see darkness ahead. So I don't blame anyone who does same.

You people are disturbing our peace with these Una non sense. Only problem I have is i don't think she should have mentioned chidinma's relationship with D krane cos I'm sure she didn't want that out or it wouldn't have been secret. The only person that can talk and I would respond to the person is only Iyanya and Baci.

Iyanya reveals what he did after Ubi Franklin assaulted Emma Nyra

You see the story I told you about these women? Tekno, on the other hand, said he saw this guy on the road, he had a baby at home and he decided to hire him. Sex with a married woman will lead to stagnant life for whoever sleeps with one.

People you collected money from to pay your house rent when your landlady chased you out. One can not tell with these ones these days. That should be up to them to disclose whenever they want to.

If Iyanya has been sleeping with married woman that means you too are doing the same thing or you taught him how to do it because you were his master. Iyanya I don't know why you haven't given this guy a resounding slap make wey go carry im two legs commot for ground. The issue between me and Iyanya that made me and Iyanya break up finally was that I hired a driver for Iyanya.

You guys should keep spoiling people's reputations with your uncoth mouths! If this is what Iyanya is going to do after all my hard work. Inyaya is an adult and the married women are adult its their biz. And who says Iyanya doesn't have videos of your own. So this is wat u do as the manager.

  • Iyanya sold his good destiny on the altar of sex without knowing the consequence.
  • You were yanshing Ubi left, right and center.
  • So one day I now went to meet Iyanya that just in case you come to Nigeria before me, what I just heard is that Ken your former driver now works for Tekno.

Iyanya Reveals How Ubi Franklin Physically Abused Emma Nyra

There were no name-calling, no accusations and counter-accusations of all sorts. When I raised that money I started calling him, he was not picking up his phone so I just left it. Didn't chidinma claim she was a virgin? Ubi and Lilian I met her after I had broken up with Emma, about four months after.

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Trying to shift attention from her face and also dodge the question. Why claim a man who is engaged to another? The anger has made me destroy some things that cost me. Their pictures side by side for me.

I dated Emma Nyra Ubi Franklin

So you think that Lilian is a saint or perfect? This guy is a Narcissist and I really feel for him because his personality is destructive and its extremely difficult for him to control it. Those women will do juju and kill Ubi. We humans might not understand him but God does. He showed me a heated WhatsApp chat with the owner of Temple, then.

Yeah, it was a one-on-one conversation we had at his house. Kikikikikikikikikikii I don't blame her sha. So even if it is true they dated, the fact is that she doesnt want to be associated with him love-like and i think the public should acknowledge that. Live olosho married women on their own let them carry their own cross for themselves.

If Emma Nyra has issues she would come and say it herself. Please, what did he say about Emma Nyra? What Happened With Emma Nyra?

Unless caught in a compromising position, then she never dated Ubi, cased closed. What I want about this matter is for people to see clarity. Iyanya felt he had it all and went about it wrongly. Tekno was living on his own. You said you are a partner abi?

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  • Emma nyra and iyanya dating, follow the celeb frenzy
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