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For me, the point of having lost so much weight is to be able to enjoy all the food I eat without guilt. The colour coded key is a quick an easy way to see if you are meeting, exceeding, or not quite making your goals. You will see a stopwatch begin to count, and the other tracker icons will blink, indicating that you are in sleep mode. While the majority of us want to lose weight there are a minority who are trying to gain weight.

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Because there is no screen or interface on the Orb, you'll need to use the Fitbug app which is available for iPhone and Android to see your activity information. Fitbug also uses a smiley-face system to depict your progress, star fox amputee dating which is a cute feature.

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After that, Fitbug emails you once a week with a progress report of how you did in terms of reaching your targets. Although you can post your progress to Facebook, the Fitbug app does not have a way to directly compare your activity with that of your friends, as the Fitbit app does. With these progress reports, Fitbug provides you with a reason to keep using your tracker.

More details from the second link. It could also do with being a tiny bit thinner. It recommends you try to meet your activity targets five times a week. With the Orb I can now see exactly how many minutes of aerobic walking I have done each day and how many miles I have covered. However the Orbs actions are the least comprehensive as well.

Instead, we adjusted some of them in order to give our readers a better idea of how these devices perform in relation to each other. Perhaps the people over at FitBug can explain the science behind it? Unlike most fitness trackers which you wear on the wrist the Orb comes with several options on how to wear it. But still, the clip was useful to wear the device while I was running and less concerned about my appearance. This is essentially advice on ways to improve your sleep.

Finally your goals, they may seem far off but why not commit them to this section as watch as they become nearer. While your height is unlikely to change other things are your weight for instance. What I particularly love about the Orb is that it tells you how many of your daily steps count as aerobic calorie burning steps.

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Another section is the Calorie scale and while most will know the nice things weigh heavy not all things are as bad as you may think. The wristband has several size settings, so I could adjust the strap to fit snuggly around my wrist.

As I've gotten older, wiser and much more health conscious, I no longer find it as difficult to reach that step goal. The Orb syncs wirelessly with the app when you push down the button once. This requires some effort. The Orb had some trouble tracking my sleep.

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Compared to other activity monitors on the market it is a much more reasonable price - I think you definitely get plenty for your money! The clip, lanyard and watch attachment all come in the box with the Orb for less than fifty pounds.

Total steps - Have you met your goal? Not just an activity tracker, it is also tracks your sleep. Hubby and I at our biggest! It is comfortable to wear - once it is on I forget I'm even wearing it! When you wake up, hold the button down for several seconds to stop the sleep recording.

Nutrition is of course important and this section offers advice and help. The Orb itself can sync three ways with the app on your smartphone via bluetooth. It is easy to set up, doesn't drain your iPhone battery, and I found the multiple ways to wear it very useful. From the App you can also see what your goals are, read your sleep data, and change your settings. When you upload nutrition information to your account, an emoticon changes from a sad face to a happy face.