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Tuco, having fled to the same town, takes a bath in a ramshackle hotel and is surprised by Elam, one of the three bounty hunters who tried to kill him. The film's title has entered the English language as an idiomatic expression.

Problems playing this file? This isn't the case with the other two. The pair kill Angel Eyes's men, but discover that Angel Eyes himself has escaped. Wallach and Eastwood flew to Madrid together, and between shooting scenes Eastwood would relax and practice his golf swing.

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However, screenwriter Luciano Vincenzoni stated on numerous occasions that he had written a treatment for a sequel, tentatively titled Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo n. By doing so, Leone managed to stage epic sequences punctuated by extreme eyes and face shots, or hands slowly reaching on a holstered gun. Blondie opens Stanton's grave, revealing just a skeleton.

As Tuco is about to be hanged, Blondie severs Tuco's noose by shooting it, and sets him free. By the end of filming, Eastwood had finally had enough of Leone's perfectionist directorial traits. Tuco demands to know the name on the grave, but Carson collapses from thirst before answering.

The bridge in the film was reconstructed twice by sappers of the Spanish army after being rigged for on-camera explosive demolition. The three main characters all contain autobiographical elements of Leone.

Tuco is packed on a train to be executed, but escapes. Leone cared more for visuals than dialogue his English was limited, at best. After Blondie's recovery, the two leave in Confederate uniforms from Carson's carriage, only to be captured by Union soldiers and remanded to the prisoner of war camp of Batterville.

The role eventually went to Charles Bronson. Elsewhere, mercenary Angel Eyes interrogates former Confederate soldier Stevens, whom Angel Eyes is contracted to kill, about Jackson, a fugitive who stole a cache of Confederate gold. Leone, often forcefully, insisted on shooting scenes from many different angles, paying attention to the most minute of details, which would often exhaust the actors. Angel Eyes tortures Tuco, who reveals the name of the cemetery, but confesses that only Blondie knows the name on the grave. Realizing that Blondie will not yield to torture, Angel Eyes offers him an equal share of the gold and a partnership.

Good Bad Ugly ringtone

Good Bad Ugly ringtone

Everyone draws, and Blondie shoots and kills Angel Eyes, while Tuco discovers that his own gun was unloaded by Blondie the night before. Many shots in the film were influenced by archival photographs taken by Mathew Brady. Tuco is initially elated to find bags of gold, but Blondie holds him at gunpoint and orders him into a hangman's noose beneath a tree.

The South Korean western movie The Good, the Bad, the Weird is inspired by the film, with much of its plot and character elements borrowed from Leone's film. For other uses, see The Good, shereen songs mp3 the Bad and the Ugly disambiguation.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Tuco places the body on the railroad tracks, waiting for the train to roll over the chain and sever it. Angel Eyes accepts the contract, and kills Stevens as he leaves. Wallach, and presumably the entire film crew, were not aware of the heavy iron steps that jutted one foot out of every box car.

James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture. Blondie binds Tuco's hands and forces him to stand balanced precariously atop an unsteady grave marker while he takes half the gold and rides away.

Given the technical limitations of the time, it would have been difficult to record the sound cleanly in most of the extremely wide shots Leone frequently used. Blondie states that he lied about the name on the grave, and offers to write the real name of the grave on a rock. For the American version, the lead acting voices were used, but supporting cast members were dubbed into English.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Blondie, Angel Eyes, and his henchmen arrive in an evacuated town. At the same time, Grimaldi was trying to broker his own deal, but Vincenzoni's idea was more lucrative. Tuco shoots Elam, causing Blondie to investigate the gunshots. Tuco curses loudly while Blondie rides off into the horizon. Whatever the actual reason, all dialogue in the film was recorded in post-production.

The Life and Legend updated and revised. The trio stare each other down.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is the last film in the Dollars Trilogy, and thus does not have an official sequel. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. When Tuco returns with water, Carson has died and Blondie, slumped next to him, reveals that Carson recovered and told him the name on the grave before dying.

Good Bad Ugly ringtone

Eastwood was not initially pleased with the script and was concerned he might be upstaged by Wallach. Eastwood received a percentage-based salary, unlike the first two films where he received a straight fee salary.

Blondie severs the rope with a rifle shot, dropping Tuco, alive but tied up, onto his share of the gold. They only wrote the first part.

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