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The last leg of the trip is spent on a tour bus that takes them to the Door to Hades, a giant gate that hides the path to the estate. Gon faces the next prisoner, Sedokan, in a match to see who's candle can burn the longest. The chairman then unleashes his most powerful technique that despite striking the king countless times, only manages to scratch him. Kurapika manages to stop Leorio, saying that this is part of their plan to make them fight each other and waste time. Leorio and Kurapika tried to open the gate and they did move it.


In the end, they almost miss the ship, but through Gon's quick thinking, they manage to board the ship at the last minute. Leorio stays to treat the husband's wounds as Gon and Kurapika help the wife. Meanwhile, King Meruem and Chairman Netero continue on their battle, succumbing into an underground tomb, which Netero states will be Meruem's tomb.

In the end, Killua agrees to study under Wing. Biscuit tells them that they are going exactly straight to Masadora but this time, they have to dig through the rocks, whilst doing so they discover another part of Ten, Shu. Morel confronts an unstable Shaiapouf in the throne room while Killua absentmindedly kills two Ants to help Ikalgo. Meanwhile, Gon, Kurapika and Leorio arrive at the quarter and the butlers welcome them.

They make some money and befriend Zepile, a professional seller. Welfin investigates and discovers that there are two infiltrators in the palace. Killua's mother then gives the group a sad message from Killua that may or may not be true.

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He punches him in the face and tells that he can return the badges only after he can return the punch. Kurapika leaves his master Izunavi in order to get a job. Zeno and Silva defeat Chrollo, supposedly, but do not finish him off because of the call from Illumi who manages to kill the mafia dons. In Wing's room, he finally teaches Gon and Killua the real Nen. Battera reveals the true purpose behind why he purchased so many Greed Island games.

Some applicants want Hisoka to stop taking the the exam, deeming him unworthy. They need a lot of money to buy it, even millions they earned at Heavens Arena are not enough. Later, it is shown that Rammot has learned how to use Nen. Canary guides Gon and his friends to the butler office.

Upon reaching the cedar tree, they find the navigators being attacked by a shape-shifting creature, the Kiriko. He and Killua listen to the tape where Ging introduces himself and welcomes his son to find him if he can.

With two of the members of Team Genthru down, Gon is left in a standoff with just Genthru himself. Killua retires, but then takes his frustration out on two candidates who harass him by killing them. It's called the Trick Tower. Satotz explains the events that occurred while he was unconscious. The team gets Plot of Beach, and make two clones.

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Meanwhile, the team suspects Majitani's real condition. They tell Gon that Killua doesn't have time to see them and they should leave. Wing appears behind them and offers to teach them the real Nen.

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Uvogin takes on the Mafia Community all by himself. He uses Back to return, but Hisoka is also injured and the situation looks grim. He promptly refuses, but Nobunaga insists on keeping him until Chrollo arrives.

Leorio holds the man above a long drop, and Majitani wakes up. Meanwhile, Neferpitou locates Meruem and upon arriving, he finds the King holding the injured body of Komugi. Gon is then saved by Hisoka.

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Meruem's loss continues to grow despite Komugi's one and only hesitation. As Gon and Killua spend their days training with Biscuit and sparring with Knuckle, Shoot, the second of Morel's disciples make plans about how to deal with them.

Back in the shadows, a fellow Phantom Troupe member shows up and delivers an important message from the boss. Despite Neferpitou's effort to use his best ability against Netero, the Chairman quickly overpowers of Royal Guard upon their first encounter. Kastro and Hisoka face off in Heaven's Arena. On their way, Shaiapouf unsuspectingly coughs out blood, just like how blood trickled from the King and Menthuthuyoupi.

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As the Hunters make adjustments in their preparations to storm the palace, the king entertains himself with board games until an unusual player appears before him. After hearing Ging's answer, out of anger Leorio attacks Ging with his Nen ability, earning a large applause from his fellow Hunters. Hisoka determines the real examiner by flinging deadly playing cards at each man, reasoning the true Hunter will live, offline kjv bible and it's Satotz. Get ready for seven back-to-back episodes of your favorite bald hero.