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Garmin, Pebble and Apple Watch. To make the workouts even more effective, the app also offers a rigorous diet plan that you can follow to multiply the effect of workouts. It's called their Fit System. Just like RunGo, Pumatrac also lets you explore and navigate through different routes in your area.

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You can set your own personalized goals and track the progress over time. Besides seamless fitness tracking, social connect has to be one of the most celebrated features of Endomondo. It also lets you view your workout history, heart rate curves and route maps, all of which provide valuable insights on the overall intensity and efficiency of your workouts. Now you can tighten the show by pressing the top button, and you can loosen it by pressing the lower one. It can auto-sync with your iTunes library or Spotify Library, saving you the hassle of switching apps.

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And it will glow different colors. The sensation of a shoe lacing on its own is just awesome. The HyperAdapts are lighter than you'd expect. Two charging pucks connect magnetically to the bottom of the shoe and will take you only three hours for a full charge.

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Now, this is how it works, a sensor in the heel detects the position of your foot, And a weight on it inside the shoes. And yes, there will always be a bit of reserve power left to get the shoes off if you're at the very end. These are functional shoes and I'll have to put those to the test.

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It's Nike's self-lacing shoe that marries my two passions, tech and sneakers. Nike says they have been tested for running, training, and even basketball. Nike's Flywire is a thread composed of nylon, how to ask a guy if he just wants to hook up and it's been used on other Nike shoes to minimize weight and maximize support. These shoes aren't just to wear to show off.

It's something that's never been done. However, these runs are more user-defined, which means you would only be able to access routes that have been previously covered by runners. It keeps track of all your workouts and training schedules, so that you stick to your fitness goals and stay in perfect shape. The app comes with a built-in audio coach that guides you through challenging aspects of running like interval training, and helps you keep up with your goals.

That's really what everyone says when they pick them up and they're easily comfy enough to wear the whole day. From high-end, advanced training apps to fun-filled, adventurous gamified versions, these apps promise to make your runs more immersive, predictable and enjoyable than ever. You can take up friendly challenges, climb the leaderboard and win prizes, and share your achievements with your friends.

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