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The soaking process is also important, offering different benefits from the cooking. So now, I will go check out the cost of the organic steel cut and try your method instead. In a world of impatience, this was so nice to witness. First of all, your version sounds so delicious! Or is it still safe for me to eat them without cooking them afterwards?

There are plenty of scientific studies proving the importance and effectiveness of grain fermentation. Is adding peanut butter ok just before eating? You can always add a bit more kefir onto your oatmeal when you eat it after cooking. So what is the right amount to cook them in? Hi Francesca, Great questions!

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Take note that Plain Greek yogurt has been added. The lactobacilli, or bacteria in the fermenting liquid, can acutally produce phytase. If I want to alternate between these for breakfast?

We need that non-broken down food for a healthy digestive system. The trend seems to have come from athletes who want energy quickly. Others such as Terre Pruitt say that this is unnecessary, since phytic acid can be broken down in the body and it also has benefits during digestion. My biggest inspiration thus far is the cookbook called Nourishing Traditions.

Hi Marisa, we have been adding raw rolled oats to our protein shakes, which, after reading your article, is perhaps not such a good idea. Since this is made with water and whey, buddhivantha kannada movie is there an opportunity to add the almond milk back in? Would the measurement of water be the same or more due to multiple smaller granules meaning greater total surface area? But is it necessary to cook the oats that are soaked in warm water? Do I have to cook the soaked oatmeal?

The Truth About Overnight Oats - My Longevity Kitchen

Will extra-virgin cold pressed olive oil absorb the fat soluble vitamins in the grains? Raw unsoaked Oats does this. There will still be a high level of phytic acid and lectins which are mostly destroyed during cooking. Even after reheating, the starches change and you still get some resistant starch.

That airtight storage will make it last so much longer! Hi there Pamela, I had the same questions myself a while back before getting into fermented and cultured foods. Have you ever read anything like that? Hi Rachel, First of all, your version sounds so delicious!

Does cooking cause the oats to expand more than soaking? All these benefits seem to be reduced by breaking down the oats by soaking them and you are left with basically a more refined carb- the sort we are told to avoid.

Whey protein powder will not give you the benefits described here regarding liquid whey, because the powder is processed too much. So, if this phytic acid is untreated, it will combine with important minerals in our body and block their absorption.

Is there any reason that would not be a good idea? Hopefully this helps with your G.

Your family is very lucky to have you taking such great care! We should take every precaution to protect the minerals that are still available to us. But then we also are told to eat lots of fibre simply as we need undigested food to pass through us and help our system. Want to learn more about phytic acid, traditional methods, and soaking grains?

Don't worry, your email is safe with me. Of the two sources, I found Terre Pruitt more persuasive. Hi Karl, You do not have to rinse after soaking with soaking nuts and beans you do. Cooking is an important step for oats in every single case. Thank you for the compliments.

The Truth About Overnight Oats - My Longevity Kitchen

That is eye opening about soaking grains and acids. Grinding them in advance would almost ensure these rancid fats.

After stumbling upon your post, I now see that the cause of it would likely be the manner in which I soak my oats. Go ahead and soak extra, and then store the leftovers in the fridge before or after cooking to save time in the future. Hi Tina, I know this can be so confusing! On your quest for great health, things got even harder.

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After soaking overnight, you can just add more liquid and cook. How much microwave time do you recommend? Can I soak in fridge and microwave after? Glad to see the raw grain thing cleared up. Take caution and only buy organic gluten grains.

Are you planning to eat this on vacation where you will be without a stove or microwave? Do you have any experience with this happening? It's time to start your Real Food Lifestyle.

Are you soaking them in a cooler with ice or out in room temperature? Hi Ingrid, I suggest using cashews or macadamia nuts instead! Something like this might do the job! The preservatives will likely prevent the probiotic cultures from doing their job in the soaking process.

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They smell almost fermented and not sure they are safe to eat. Whey supplies lactobacilli, which are important probiotics.