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Activating the cheat mode

Game Developers Conference. If you die, you'll restart from the horizontal cutter on the floor below. He was slain and his palace laid waste by the armies of darkness. Instead keep going on the rocks until you see the area where sand is falling. Keep going right, crawl underneath the next cutter, and eventually you'll meet another birdman.

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Hit the switch to open the door, and go in. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote.

Keep going until you see the level door on another platform, and hit the level switch. Now that you're at the bottom floor, hit the level switch and crawl underneath the cutter. Get rid of any guard you meet along the way.

And only by means of the most eloquent pleading backed by copious tears was she able to persuade her father to grant your request. There, he finds that the shadow, created in the events of the original game, can now leave his body at his will. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

There will be a dart gun beneath you, and a loose slab on top of it where you are standing. You see two doors, a set of spikes, a dart gun and a switch below a platform. Now climb up the platform and drop the loose slab.

Jump over the crusher switch and climb out of the gate. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Use this to run away from fights, but only if you are at a safe distance. Jump to the opposite ledge and jump back and forth to slowly make your way down.

So you hit the switch, fight the skeleton, and try to make past that door, guarded by a dart gun. This was your father's sword. Kill it again, and go to the next screen.

You should make the next platform. There are a number of guards behind you, and one about to jump from the ledge, so climb it quick! To your right is a pit, a. Climb to the second screen of the left ledges, and jump to the right. Go back to the spikes, and carefully climb up.

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Note that the dart gun's switch is located just on the ledge, so if you take the potion, you'll still get hit by its pellet. All paths will be added in the later version of this walkthrough. You'll restart from where the sword was.

This is to make sure that you don't fall short of the chasm. Swing from the bar and follow the path and make a quick left.

This will come in very handy to clear long distances. Go to the end to activate the level switch.

Don't fall in the lava pit! They all come back like a boomerang. The crouch will last as long as the button is held. Walk slowly up to the spikes, and climb up the ledge on the right. To get past these, you have to crawl underneath them - or lose your lower body.

Now, climb up via the top-right ledge, near the gate. At the bottom, climb down the ledge on the left. You'll normally find these at the bottom of ledges or pits, waiting for any foolish being to fall, but are sometimes placed along the floor.

Remember the part where I said Prince can't run and jump if the last step is a loose slab? With guards pursuing him, the Prince jumps through a window and flees the city by way of a ship. List of Prince of Persia media. For other uses, see Prince of Persia disambiguation. Amazing how ancient Persians can think of these, software of microsoft office huh?

You arrive at what looks like a dead end. You don't have to align yourself perfectly to the ledge to climb it, Prince isn't that stupid. Ignore the entire setup and proceed to the right. If you fall inside, the game helpfully makes a sound sound like something's being fried to a crisp, apparently trying to stress on the point that you actually got fried alive. Before he enters, however, his appearance changes into that of a beggar.

If you press the Control button or confront a guard, Prince draws his sword and goes in a one-on-one fight with the guard or nobody, if you draw your sword for no reason. Run, and when you get to the end, jump. The game ends on a cliffhanger when an old witch is shown watching the happy couple through a crystal ball. When you reach the next screen, again, climb the ledges to your left.

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Virtually impossible to identify, you only know they exist when it's too late. You can do short runs across ground-level spikes, but you can never run directly across them. You should be standing on the trap that closed the gate behind you.

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