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Hack radio program Hack is Triple J's half-hour news and current affairs show. Occasionally, Triple J will host a live performance in a secret location, and give away tickets to a limited number of listeners, to allow them to be a part of the special event. As of Dave is no longer on Triple J. From the J-Files was a one-hour Saturday afternoon show, hosted by various Triple J presenters, dating your twin flame specifically focused on one particular artist.

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It is also said that this has affected the cultivation of musical diversity on the Unearthed program. This collaboration does just that, making you bounce through the rough times and look toward brighter days. This attitude led to some interesting moments, such as when Holger Brockman's shift was hijacked by three Aboriginal activists. There was a public meeting that packed the Sydney Town Hall with angry listeners.

Thank you very much, I've got another meeting. Such a simple beat, with layered vocals that take it to the next level. This album was a complete turnaround to trip hoppy r'n'b and I love it. They've got the laid back but hard hitting side of hip hop nailed and I reckon they're gonna do even greater things.

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In January this show was renamed Pirate Radio after one of the personae commonly adopted by callers. In early March, women took over the station as announcers to celebrate International Women's Day.

Will it be Lorde with Royals? The listeners owned the station, too, and if they wanted to come to the meetings and join the debate, they were welcome.

This is the sound of magic. The chorus alone is like a lesson on how you can combine head, heart and feet in making a song that is easily one of the year's best.

He was replaced by presenter Richard Kingsmill. Much new music was routinely available only as expensive imports in specialist shops. There are several reasons for this. For many years, local record labels would only import recordings that they knew would earn a good commercial return, and they were often unwilling to take risks on local releases of unknown acts.

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Well played my Sheffield friend, well played. Another song with nothing out of place, nothing that isn't needed, just a rad, rad tune. It was hosted by Ross Noble and Terri Psiakis. Loved what these guys have done in previous releases, and my interest in them continues with their latest track. Concern was expressed about the introduction of a more highly programmed music format, and the appointment of Chapman was seen as an indication of a more commercial direction.

Mellow hip-hop, with a decent feature from one of the best. And you should see the sweet pit when they play this live. Weekend breakfast is now hosted by Stacy Gougoulis.

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Alex Dyson triple j Breakfast presenter Alex Dyson pictured here in has been hosting the triple j breakfast show for four years. He's still rapping about being a down-and-out comedian-turned-rapper who can't find happiness, but his hooks and transitions have definitely expanded to a world-class level. This is one of the sexiest, most swagger filled songs Alex Turner has ever penned.

Programming included music videos, live concerts, documentaries, and comedy, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at Triple J's studios. Well, that's the microphone there, and here you are, have my seat. Chapman oversaw a radical overhaul of Triple J's programming and marketing. Scottish trio Chvrches left behind their guitars and grabbed onto the shift with gusto, creating one of the most soaring moments with this classic heartbreak story.

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As soon as it was finished we all talked about it. Equal parts soulful croon and hectic d-floor banger. And I googled it as soon as I got home. Francis, and actor Lex Marinos. The show is currently hosted by Kristy Lee Peters.

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It got to the top of the iTunes charts and raised heaps of sweet cash for Red Cross! Paralympian Dylan Alcott and comedian Gen Fricker are slated to be regular guests. The way this song moves from verse to chorus always gives me goosebumps. Having back-to-back hip-hop releases from some of the biggest and best in the world. The show is no longer on air.

However, its frequency was a clear channel nationally, so it was easily heard at night throughout south-eastern Australia. If you aren't dancing when you hear the percussion kick up the dust as this song starts, you may not be alive. Radio hosts share their personal picks. From the spaced out psychedelic production which they did themselves to the vocals, building slowly in the verse up to the plaintive chorus crescendo. And on this record they stepped up their music game, I reckon partly inspired by Gareth Liddiard's solo album, to give us these perfectly ugly beautiful stories of a messed up world.

Sure he gets a bit emotional, but for the most part, he still spits like a boss. As well as sport, the duo cast a wide comedic net that encompassed the worlds of entertainment, politics and celebrity. They entered the studio and said they were armed and hijacking the station. It also covers news and current affairs from a youth-oriented perspective, although this facet of its programming has been reduced considerably since the station's inception. Someone told me recently that this song has become a favourite among strippers and I can see why.

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Decades later the format remains substantially in place. With a soulful gospel pedigree this is a stunning song that I found myself singing really really loudly in studio whenever I played it.

The dirty riffs and gravelly Gareth up against Fiona's ethereal ghostly vocals give the chillz. Plus he can sing, and take the piss out of himself. This began to change almost as soon as Double Jay came on air.