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You must enable a couple of options in Windows Media Player, as well. Yes, the metadata set using Media Monkey shows when viewing with Windows properties. It was parsing a video file and displaying it as an audio file.

This version of TwonkyMedia Server requires a license after the day trial period ends, wiley grime wave but at least you have that amount of time to evaluate it. We did an extensive evaluation and testing of twonky.

Not all versions work that well. Other than that its the latest is there any particular reason why you want it? At the bottom of the window, click the Port forwarding information link to see a list of the ports that need to be forwarded. You do have to consider a few prerequisites, though, and get familiar with the different sharing options available within Windows Media Player. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Download Twonky Media Server

You may be surprised to learn that sharing digital media across different devices and platforms is quite easy. Why would some be recognized while some are not. The remote systems or devices accessing the files operate as Digital Media Players. For the most part it is been reliable and bug free. How satisfied are you with this response?

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There must be a workaround. Hello, You can try a rebuild or rescan. One last point, we do not endorse nor will we support user modified changes to our product. What do people think about it? One for VentisMedia, perhaps?

And I also confirmed again that they have no intentions of upgrading the TwonkyMedia Server version. Music and Tv Shows are fine with the metadata filled with Media Monkey, for some odd reason it is only movie files. On the next page, I'll show you how to stream media to various devices. Twonky Server is a software program developed by PacketVideo. No metadata was visible with Windows.

They all have the proper name in the title metadata. Next, click the Stream drop-down menu again, and select More streaming options.

Some of the files show their proper names. Lifespan of installation until removal.

Download Twonky Media Server

Hello, Happy to know you have found the solution. Admittedly, my experience is limited to audio. Did this solve your problem?

My Cloud Twonky DLNA Media Server Support

My Cloud Twonky DLNA Media Server Support

German Spanish Italian French. The Internet Streaming Diagnostic Tool will open and run some quick tests. Which countries install it?

Check page for more information.

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Decisions were made that it was too unstable and had way too many issues to ship in a consumer product. On the resulting screen you can name the media library. You are on your own if you go and make changes like this to your My Book Live and most likely you will void your warranty. It is very easy to change the firmwareon the units.

And allowing access to the media across a network or the Web requires minimal configuration. With all of those requirements met, it's time to enable sharing. So i think i may have figured it out. So as a customer, I expect this function to work. Be the first to rate click star to rate.

Update twonkyserver - My Book Live - WD Community

We definitely are looking at these moving forward. What file format are they in? Any ideas on how to fix them to show the proper names. If you see a particular device in the list that you wish to allow or block, you can configure that option here. If you create a playlist with items in the order you want them - which is the purpose of a playlist - when it is presented via dlna the order of items is completely different.

The screen will also show a list of devices on the network that are capable of accessing the library. This site in other languages x. What BluRay player are you using, and what type of files are you trying to stream? Which was what was throwing me off. How satisfied are you with this reply?