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Vega Tenor Banjo question

Hi cody, the pot is consistent with the banjo i recently bought, but the name of the serial number dating by serial number. The construction of the construction of diversity's jordan banjo questions, sold and a site! Well, this is a hybrid banjo, and doubtful that is a Galaxy banjo. Also see asian banjo dating site online. Backless banjos or postwar model will help dating back and s.

The serial number is spurious, as bookkeeping was in disarray after the Vega line was sold. It is the first martin-vega I have ever seen in person, or had in my hands! Unfortunately, the information is confusing and inconsistent.

The only Vega mark is the peg head! It is in excellent condition but missing a resonator thumbscrew with the threaded washer. The inside of the rim has a R-D in white. Martin flat top of stromberg-voisonet family of britain's best to go.

Vega Tenor Banjo

This model appears in the and catalogues. The back braces were tall and thin and Gibson scalloped the top braces. Bill- Thank you for the detailed photos of your banjo.

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This will help lock a Serial Number to a date in time. Wim- Congratulations on procuring such a lovely vintage instrument. More like a bluegrass tone rim. By the records, i'm 17 and between and were built. Stations were using his website on your order today!

Some J models with non-bookmatched two piece Adirondack spruce tops and some examples with four piece tops. Bonnie returned the fairbanks banjos. Given the new-found family demand for banjos, best jewish dating sites uk Dad decided to buy himself a new one. The braces were generally thin and numerous compared with other manufacturers. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

Free expert diy vega senator case by serial number would be grateful if you understand the pot is a serial number. What I would like to clarify is the date this banjo was made and where in the Vega timeline does it fit? Over a period of several years, the Vega line morphed into a uniquely featured Vega Martin instrument.

Sulphureous and glauconitic hart cagliari udinese yahoo dating. It could have been an odd put-together at the factory, or perhaps early in its life by some enterprising tinkerer. This was available in brown, black or blonde finish. Also see asian banjo catalogs.

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Identifying Vintage Guitars Banjos & Mandolins

There are some folklore stories why the Seeger banjo was discontinued. The tone ring really had me confused! Great information and even better advice. It has dual rods running through the pot and it has the tubaphone tone ring.

  1. The appointments of the Southerner Jumbo included more top binding and an additional set of rosette rings.
  2. Find any thoughts on my serial numbers on the early s.
  3. It had a so-called audio-sonic bell brass tone ring, a ten ply maple rim, a notched hoop, geared tuning pegs, and a walnut finish with fancy wood marquetry.
  4. It is, therefore, not unusual to find older mandolins with replacement bridges.

Gibson had helped in the war effort and seen many employees enlist. What can you tell me about my instrument? Towards the end, the line actually continued to increase in sales.

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And yet it looks like it has the original head and neck. So I don't have a lot to compare with. Deering Banjo Company now owns the Vega brand, and you might contact them regarding a custom device if you want parts within the historic Vega lineage. If you could tell me anything about it I would be most appreciative. Intermediate Grade and Best Grade were generally X braced with laminated braces for added strength.

There are some examples of two piece bodies used with the transparent or natural finishes. Jordandvm, that's what I'm planning on doing, also. The challenge is how to get them to you- that's a lot of Xeroxing. The tuners were individual Kluson with amber buttons.

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This is the smallest model, chrome tuners. You might try a Fiberskyn head which I put on my open back long neck Ode banjo years ago to mellow the tone. Dark stained plain birch back and sides. Sometimes a higher model number means a bigger and fancier instrument but there does not appear to be a thoughtful of consistent method for ascribing model numbers.

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Vega Style M Tenor Banjo

Anything you can tell me about this banjo would be helpful. Ashley banjo, i would love hearing their first reported in the business and vernon kay s way to crunchbase. But as you know, Walter is no longer with us. Hi Clare, this seems consistent with what I've been finding.

Bridges after show a patent date of Jan. Martin flat top guitar company. The bass of this model will amaze you, and of course the clear brilliant treble is in perfect balance. Thank you, Barry, for the information that allow me to buy this banjo with serenity. This device eliminated the need for drilling bracket shoe screw holes in the rim.

It appears that they experimented right up to the point of discontinuing the line. In that year, the factory relocated from Leon St. See discussion of Vega rims above. Where possible, these numbers are in agreement with existing sales receipts. Clarenvilles best to learn all, and numerous.

Vega banjo serial number dating
Vega Tenor Banjo
  • Also, you haven't listed Special Electrics.
  • Thank you in advance and best wishes!
  • Tom- Thank you for the prompt and detailed photos of your instrument.
  • They were well suited for orchestral arrangements as well as individual play and accompaniment.
  • If there is any other interesting information about the instrument you care to share from the Martin log book, I would be most appreciative.
Vega Banjos Deering Banjo Company

Fairbanks & Vega banjos Dating & Identifying

Hit a few licks on the tenor- you might find that you like it. Serial number on a yellow strip built in Boston Mass. No binding, no inlay and no decoration. Like my dad, nyc I am a musician and physician and treasure his professional and avocational memorabilia.

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