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One of this year's most-hummable hooks hides the fact that this song is about taking a chance on love, showing vulnerability and committing to relationships. You can unlock them by either playing Guitarcade or completing missions. Being railed so good that you walk weird the next day is a good intention to set.

The Bonus Songs of Rocksmith 2014

Bungle comparisons are definitely warranted as Jason Kocol the man behind Aching Head apparently used to run BungleFever! Digging out the roots of garage rock, a year-old maverick finds a link between Southern juke joint blues and The Replacements. Propulsive, dark, moody, exiciting. In the past, we've kept this list, of our favorite songs of the year, to songs. Samaris is far from a reggae band, but amidst the electronics, clarinet and ethereal vocals, you can hear the inspiration of the great Jamaican melodica player Augustus Pablo.

Freeze salvage dusty decades-old Michael Jackson audio fragments to concoct a sonic Frankenstein that's a real winner. This minimalist track by Atlanta's most extroverted rap eccentric inspired countless Vine parodies and placed him among music's great oddball shouters. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Ubiquitous now because of that stop-everything voice and gospel booster shot, but listen again and feel how that slowed-down drumbeat matches the heart that's pounding in your throat.

It's the perfect all-ages, family-friendly song everyone from your toddler niece to your grandparents will hit the dance floor when they hear it. The best song from the year's best rock record.

Shot in a home video look, it depicts Goulding's life on the road with friends. Unfortunately my game froze tonight and it corrupted my save on xbox.

Have you unlocked and played all of the Rocksmith Bonus Songs? Would love to get more of their stuff or more post-hardcore type stuff in general.

Share On twitter Share On twitter Share. Robinson's hooky dance epic chops Amy Millan's vocal into isolated phrases yet still captures all the heartsickness and wonder it seeks. Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. While this relentless funky house cut keeps four on the floor, the D.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go. This lament benefits from Stutzmann's gorgeous contralto and touching accompaniment from a cello piccolo. Lyrics for days, in the pocket flow and a comforting sibilance. Great beauty exists in sadness. Jack White unleashes a scorching guitar instrumental that hits you like a rock salt blast to the chest.

The Bonus Songs of Rocksmith 2014

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Nashville songcraft meets Atlanta beats in this boisterous and deeply sweet good-time come-on from the year's most promising new mainstream country star. Library and Archives Canada.

It's all about that synth bassline. Best cover of the year, period. Could this be what heaven sounds like?

Swaggering wordplay and funk guitar so brilliantly produced it leaves you wondering how they did it. Cheeseball Norwegian disco king goes heartfelt with the help of erstwhile Roxy Music crooner. The Colombian pastel princess of social media intrigue goes the sweet route on this spaced-out, funk-laced tune.

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Share On email Share On email Email. Lo-fi San Francisco singer-songwriter channels the melodic psych-folk meanderings of Syd Barrett. This song is so sweet at its core, perfect for some making out.

Not all custom Rocksmith songs have this feature, but that shouldn't dissuade you from downloading. Awards and nominations Discography Songs. She believes in loves that last forever and is matter-of-fact about it. This was my discovery of the year. New York chanteuse Niia sings with the ease of Sade as Robin Hannibal, on break from Rhye and Quadron, forms arching sonic waves around her.

Not all songs offer multiple tracks for lead, rhythm and bass guitar, so be sure your chosen instrument is supported before downloading. Okay, this techno hit is not going to work as a first-dance song, parov stelar coco but it's definitely a must-play for your after-party! Two guys suggest you use your melon.

We'll be coming back to it. Reflective but bold and crazy catchy.

The Bonus Songs of Rocksmith - The Riff Repeater

Share On facebook Share On facebook Share. By now you should be more than ready to start expanding your Rocksmith library while honing your guitar chops at the same time! Connick had an idea of bringing in a famous arranger for the album, but Davis suggested Connick do the arrangements himself. There was something about his vocal that was an improvement on all of the English vocals until then. There's nothing like seeing your first sweetheart partially disrobed and ready to take your future by storm.

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