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This frog fires different colored balls that are destroyed when matched in groups of three or more. The biggest downside is that despite the differences and changes that occur from level to level, there isn't much variety in the action. Additionally, levels provide various bonuses like coins that aren't necessary to complete the level but will reward a large number of points.

Zuma Deluxe PC Game 2016 Overview

Rather than advancing through levels, you select only a single level to play on. Stop the track of balls before it reaches the end of the line or it's game over.

Zuma Deluxe - free Zuma game onlineZuma Deluxe Free Download Full Version PC Game Setup

You can take on a variety of levels in Adventure Mode, or see how long you can hold out against an endless chain in Gauntlet Mode. These bonuses can add another element of difficulty for that group of players. Multiple modes provide different experiences and types of play. Working towards bonuses or grabbing powerups adds to the excitement. Gauntlet Mode has similar gameplay to Adventure Mode, but with a few changes.

Some levels take the path through tunnels you can't fire balls into, or a path that winds around the frog blocking the outside part of the chain from your line of fire. Some powerups may slow the speed of the balls, while others can make them move in reverse.

Zuma Deluxe Game Review - Download and Play Free Version

After a few moments a window will pop-up to start the download. Click on the below button to start Zuma Deluxe Free Download. Please read our tutorial if you need help downloading our games, or visit our Customer Support Center if you are experiencing any technical problems with this download. The catch is that each track is shaped differently.


The number of colors you need to deal with slowly increase as well, with up to six different colors to manage. It is full and complete game. As you beat levels, the speed of the chain and complexity of paths continue to increase and some levels have you dealing with two chains, a challenging task. Just make sure you don't let the track of balls reach the Golden Skull or your game will be over.

The game offers two different play modes Adventure Mode The player must battle through multiple temples to find the secrets of the Zuma. Features of Zuma Deluxe Following are the main features of Zuma Deluxe that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System. The difficulty level in Zuma Deluxe starts low and continues to ramp up as you progress through the game. Overall, z screen video capture software Zuma Deluxe is an excellent game. Play the game throughout the trial period and see if you like it.

You turn the stone frog to aim balls using the mouse. Fortunately, the player has up to four lives, a rarity in many puzzle games.

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Adventure Mode is the only one available at first. Levels used in this mode must first be unlocked from the Adventure Mode. If you fail to do so, you lose a life and must start the level over.

Zuma Deluxe PC Game 2016 Overview

In the game, a long chain of colored balls follows a path towards a golden skull. Your email address will not be published. Random, Spesific, Practice, and Survival.

Features of Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe - free Zuma game online

There are also sound cues that let you know when something is happening. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Unfortunately, Zuma Deluxe does not provide any options to change the difficulty level. Zuma Deluxe is simple enough for anyone to get the hang of, but still packs quite a challenge. Depending on your internet connection and size of the game, the download can take a few moments or several minutes.

Zuma Deluxe Free Download Full Version PC Game Setup

Part of the track may block others so that if the track is filled with balls, the ones behind some may be unreachable. You fire the balls with a simple click. Where is daemon-tools software located?

Kill your boredom with this dizzy adventure while also exercising your mind with the fast game play. The minor flaws and annoyances pale compared to the positives of Zuma Deluxe. There are over different levels in Zuma Deluxe organized into different temples and stages. Balls roll down a track towards this skull and the player-controlled frog-shaped idol must shoot balls toward them to stop them, earning points. The music and sound effects also fit perfectly.